An identity card is a basic document that confirms the identity of a person holding Polish citizenship. It is also an important document when we want to take out a loan. Is it always needed?

Why do loan companies demand an ID?

Why do loan companies demand an ID?

Loan companies that offer their products on the Internet commonly require clients to present their ID card, or more precisely, certain data from this document. But the formalities are usually simplified, which speaks in favor of non-bank lenders. For comparison, usually you need to submit not only your ID card, but also a salary certificate and other documents. This is not the case for loan companies. This, among other things, is the source of success for such lenders. Research shows that for 36% of Poles, the biggest incentive to take advantage of quick online loans are simplified procedures and minimum formalities. Most often everyone has an ID card on hand, so they can borrow money online at any time without having to prepare additional documents.

Why, however, loan companies (including banks and credit unions) even require an ID card when applying for a loan? In the Act on consumer credit (subject to its quick loans) of May 12, 2011 (Journal of Laws 2011 No. 126 item 715) there is not a word about the necessity for the borrower to provide his identity card.

In art. 30 paragraph 1 point 1 we read only that in the loan agreement (credit) should appear such consumer data as name and address. However, lenders require an ID card because they want to make sure who they are lending money to. They do it for both their own and consumers’ good. Let’s not forget that most often fast loans are granted online, and therefore at a distance. An employee of a loan company cannot personally verify the identity of the person applying for a loan. You have to do it differently. That is why you have to enter the details from your ID card and then they must be confirmed with the data from the verification transfer. Then the lender is able to confirm with whom he actually concludes the loan agreement.

A quick loan – do you always need proof?

A quick loan - do you always need proof?

Let’s return to the loan now, remembering what we wrote above. We have simplified procedures and very limited formalities. All so that money can be borrowed conveniently and above all quickly. That’s why you don’t have to provide many documents . However, you need an ID card. Just read our Framework Loan Agreement to find out. In the borrower’s data it is necessary to enter not only the name, address and PESEL number, but also the ID card number.

Therefore, an ID card is a basic document with us and is needed to register on our website. Thanks to this, we can compare the data from this document with the data obtained along with the customer’s verification transfer. It should be noted that apart from the ID card, we do not require any other documents, the client does not have to prove the amount of his income, he does not have to explain what the money is spent for, and we do not set any age limit. It is enough if the customer is of legal age.

Do you always need an ID card to get a quick loan ? No. In fact, we are only asking the new customer for personal ID details, i.e. for the first loan. When someone wants to take out a second and subsequent loan, they no longer have to re-enter their personal data. All of this is in our system. It can therefore be written that a loan without proof is available to regular customers.

Can anyone use my ID card?

Can anyone use my ID card?

In the media you can read and hear frequent appeals not to disclose to anyone neither the ID card itself nor the data from that ID card. Therefore, the question arises whether someone else can take a loan on our account if, for example, he has stolen our ID card or obtained his data in another way. Loan companies, are well prepared for this. Although loans are granted as proof, the verification procedure does not end there. It should be remembered that a scan, copy or even the original ID card is not enough to obtain a loan online. This is due to the fact that loan companies additionally verify bank account data. That is why a new customer is asked to make a verification transfer from their own bank account.

A loan for proof is a convenient and quick way to raise up to several thousand zlotys. It is a safe solution, and at the same time customer-friendly, because it has no complicated formalities. See for yourself how easy it is to borrow money !

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