Do you want to borrow money without presenting earnings documents? A loan based on a statement will be a great solution for you. It is currently the simplest financial product in terms of formalities, thanks to which you will enter into a commitment in several minutes. We explain below what an income statement is and why it is sufficient to obtain funding. You will also find out who offers these types of loans and what conditions must be met to use them.

What is a loan based on a statement?

What is a loan based on a statement?

Before explaining the operating principles of this financial product, it is worth remembering on what basis banks and institutions lend money to their clients at all. Such an operation involves, after all, transferring the funds to the borrower and assuming that he will return them within the prescribed period. There is a risk associated with each loan that it will not be repaid at all or in some part.

To reduce this risk and thus protect their interests, money lending institutions check their clients ’financial situation beforehand – the easiest way to do this is to ask them to provide a salary document. This certificate with the employer’s stamp is a reliable confirmation of the borrower’s income. And here we come to the question of what a loan based on a statement is.

In her case, the borrower does not have to submit any income statements, but only enter their amount in the loan application. So this is a form of declaration without confirming it with documents – the lender assumes that the data entered in the form is true, and therefore the entire money lending transaction is largely based on trust.

How much and where can you borrow money for the statement?

How much and where can you borrow money for the statement?

Loans granted on the basis of simplified formalities, i.e. without income declarations, are mainly offered by loan institutions that specialize in providing online customer service. The best example is the online service , which offers quick online loans based on a statement in the amount of PLN 100 to 7,000. This is one of the highest offers on the market, because as a rule these types of financial products allow you to enter into a commitment of no more than 2-3 thousand. zł. This is related to the risk we discussed in the previous paragraph – most lenders are afraid of providing high financing to clients solely on the statement.

However, it is worth knowing that more and more companies, instead of requiring the submission of income documents, simply use other methods to assess the credibility of borrowers. One way is, for example, a special application that allows online download of key data from the client’s bank account history (with his knowledge and consent), from which you can read the amount of his income and expenses, and thus also assess creditworthiness.

Non-bank loans via the Internet are increasingly granted with the use of such modern technological solutions – thanks to them, clients can borrow the needed cash faster and easier, even outside the standard working hours of institutions and offices, and above all without leaving home!

Check how to use a loan based on the statement!

If you need extra cash for your current expenses and you care about simple formalities, you can get a loan for a statement without hesitation. The most convenient way to use it via the Internet is e.g. on the website. All you will need to submit your application online is:

  • valid ID card,
  • your bank account number – preferably with access via the online transaction service.

On the loan website, select the amount you need and specify the date when you will be able to pay it back. Then make a quick registration on the site and fill out the application form. You do not have to send any documents confirming your income, but enter information about them in the appropriate box of the form. Remember that the lender assumes that you enter real details here – do not disappoint his trust!

After completing the online form, you still need to confirm your bank account – you can do it for free (you don’t have to transfer even one penny). After a few minutes you will receive an answer regarding the consideration of the application. If it is positive, you will be able to check your account balance in a moment, which should increase by the loan amount.

For whom a loan without certificates is a good solution?

For whom a loan without certificates is a good solution?

The loan based on the declaration is intended primarily for people who need to get an additional, but relatively small amount of money (up to several hundred or several thousand zlotys) fairly quickly. In their case, dealing with income documents is simply too time-consuming and thus unprofitable. The offer of loans without certificates is also often used by people who obtain incomes difficult to document, e.g. under mandate or specific work contracts.

It is worth remembering the additional benefit of borrowing money on a statement – this extremely simple financial product can be found mainly on the Internet and you can use it in any situation when you run out of cash: without leaving home and without formalities.

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